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Stewart J., Varela F. J. & Coutinho A. (1989) The relationship between connectivity and tolerance as revealed by computer simulation of the immune network: Some lessons for an understanding of autoimmunity. Journal of Autoimmunity 2(Supplement 1): 15–23.
Varela F. J. (1989) Reflections on the circulation of concepts between a biology of cognition and systemic family therapy. Family Process 28(1): 15–24. Fulltext at
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Varela F. J. & Coutinho A. (1989) Immune networks: Getting on to the real thing. Research in Immunology 140(9): 837–845. Fulltext at
Warren W. G. (1989) Personal construct theory and general trends in contemporary philosophy. International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology 2: 287–300.
Yager R. R. & Ford K. M. (1989) Participatory learning: A constructivist model. In: Segre A. M. (ed.) Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Machine Learning. Morgan Kaufmann, Burlington MA: 420–423.
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