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Allen J. (1993) A Reply to “A Physicist’s Reactions”. Transactional Analysis Journal 23(1): 48–49.
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Bentele G. (1993) Wie wirklich ist die Medienwirklichkeit? Einige Anmerkungen zum Konstruktivismus und Realismus in der Kommunikationswissenschaft [How real is the media reality? Some remarks on constructivism and realism in communication studies]. In: Bentele G. & Rühl M. (eds.) Theorien öffentlicher Kommunikation: Problemfelder, Positionen, Perspektiven. Ölschläger, Munich: 152–171.
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Bettoni M. (1993) Made-Up Minds: A Constructivist Approach to Artificial Intelligence – A book review. AI Communications 6(3–4): 234–240. Fulltext at
Bickhard M. H. (1993) On why constructivism does not yield relativism. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 5: 275–284. Fulltext at
Bijker W. E. (1993) Do not despair: There is life after constructivism. Science, Technology & Human Values 18(1): 113–138. Fulltext at
Bowker G. (1993) How to be Universal: Some Cybernetic Strategies, 1943–70. Social Studies of Science 23(1): 107–127. Fulltext at
Brier S. (1993) A cybernetic and semiotic view on a Galilean theory of psychology. Cybernetics and Human Knowing 2(2): 31–33. Fulltext at
Brooks J. G. & Brooks M. G. (1993) In search of understanding: The case for constructivist classrooms. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria VA. Fulltext at
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