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Bersini H. & Varela F. J. (1994) Learning and the Immune network: Reinforcement, recruitment and their applications. In: Patton G. (ed.) Biologically inspired computation. Chapman and Hill, London: 166–192.
Bersini H. & Varela F. J. (1994) The immune learning mechanisms: Reinforcement, recruitment and their applications. In: Paton R. (ed.) Computing with biological metaphors. Chapman and Hall, London: 166–192.
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Cassiers L. (1994) Autoreference, autocreation and subject in psychiatry. World Futures 42(1–2): 97–105. Fulltext at
Clancey W. J. (1994) Situated cognition: How representations are created and given meaning. In: Lewis R. & Mendelsohn P. (eds.) Lessons from learning. North-Holland, Amsterdam: 231–242. Fulltext at
Clark A. & Toribio J. (1994) Doing without representing? Synthese 101(3): 401–431. Fulltext at
Cobb P. (1994) Constructivism in mathematics and science education. Educational Researcher 23(7): 4. Fulltext at
Cobb P. (1994) Where is the mind? Constructivist and sociocultural perspectives on mathematical development. Educational Researcher 23(7): 13–20. Fulltext at
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