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Windschitl M. (2002) Framing constructivism in practice as the negotiations of dilemmas: An analysis of the conceptual, pedagogical, cultural and political challenges facing teachers. Review of Educational Research 72(2): 131–175. Fulltext at
Woods B. S. & Murphy P. K. (2002) Thickening the discussion: Inspecting constructivist theories of knowledge through a Jamesian lens [Representations: External memory and technical artefacts]. Educational Theory 52(1): 43–59.
Zahavi D. (2002) First-person thoughts and embodied self-awareness: Some reflections on the relation between recent analytical philosophy and phenomenology. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 1: 7–26.
Zaretzky A. N. & Letelier J. C. (2002) Metabolic networks from (M, R)-systems and autopoiesis perspective. Journal of Biological Systems 10(3): 265–280.
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