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la Cour A. (2006) The Concept of Environment in Systems Theory. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 13(2): 41–55. Fulltext at
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Limone A. & Bastias L. E. (2006) Autopoiesis and knowledge in the organization: Conceptual foundation for authentic knowledge management. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 23: 39–49. Fulltext at
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Ludewig K. & Maturana H. R. (2006) Gespräche mit Humberto Maturana. Fragen zur Biologie, Psychotherapie und den “Baum der Erkenntnis” oder: die Fragen, die ich ihm immer stellen wollte. Systemagazin. Online-journal für systemische Entwicklungen . Fulltext at
Luhmann N. (2006) Cognition as construction. In: Moeller H.-G. (ed.) Luhmann explained: From souls to systems. Open Court, New York: 241–260. Fulltext at
Luhmann N. (2006) System as difference. Organization 13(1): 37–57. Fulltext at
Luisi P. (2006) Autopoiesis: The logic of cellular life. Chapter 2 in: The emergence of life: From chemical origins to synthetic biology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 155–80.
Maturana H. R. (2006) Reflexiones sobre terapia y mis conversaciones con Ximena Dávila sobre la liberación del dolor cultural. In: Roizblat A. (ed.) Terapia, familiar y de pareja. Editorial Mediterráneo, Santiago: 21–36.
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