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Vanderstraeten R. (2012) Rewriting theory: From autopoiesis to communication. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 29(4): 377–386. Fulltext at
Venturelli A. N. (2012) Dewey on the reflex arc and the dawn of the dynamical approach to the study of cognition. Pragmatism Today 3(1): 132–143. Fulltext at
Verheggen T. & Baerveldt C. (2012) Mixed up perspectives: Reply to Chryssides et al. and Daanen and their critique of enactive cultural psychology. Culture & Psychology 18(2): 272–284.
Vieira T. A. S. (2012) As contribuições da teoria da complexidade e da autopoiese para a Educomunicação [The contributions of complexity theory and autopoiesis to Educommunication]. Revista Açãomidiática – Estudos em Comunicação. [Machine and reality: Cybernetics, autopoiesis and production of subjectivity in Félix Guattari] Sociedade e Cultura 2(2): 1–11.
Vilaça G. V. (2012) Interdisciplinarity and tax law. The case of legal autopoiesis. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 23(6): 483–492. Fulltext at
Walker B. M. (2012) The joint experiment of research supervision. In: Butler R. J. (ed.) Reflections in personal construct theory. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester: 389–401.
Walker B. M. & Crittenden N. (2012) The use of laddering: Techniques, applications and problems. In: Caputi P., Viney L. L., Walker B. M. & Crittenden N. (eds.) Personal construct methodology. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester: 71–87.
Ward D. & Stapleton M. (2012) Es are good: Cognition as enacted, embodied, embedded, affective and extended. In: Paglieri F. (ed.) Consciousness in Interaction: The role of the natural and social context in shaping consciousness. John Benjamins, Amsterdam: 89–104. Fulltext at
Weber M. (2012) The “objectivity” of knowledge in social science and social policy. Chapter 3 in: Max Weber: Collected methodological writings. Edited by Hans Henrik Bruun and Sam Whimster. Routledge, London: 100–138. Fulltext at
Whitaker R. (2012) Luhmann’s Legacy: Illuminating Constructivism, or Ill-Luhmann-ized Constructs? Constructivist Foundations 8(1): 32-34. Fulltext at
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