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Voinea M. & Purcaru M. (2014) Boosting Romanian students’ interest in learning mathematics through the constructivist approach. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 127: 108–113. Fulltext at
Völker J. & Scholl A. (2014) Authors’ Response: Pragmatism and Epistemology. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 157–162. Fulltext at
Völker J. & Scholl A. (2014) Do the Media Fail to Represent Reality? A Constructivist and Second-order Critique of the Research on Environmental Media Coverage and Its Normative Implications. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 140–149. Fulltext at
von Storch H. (2014) On Detection and Attribution. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 131–132. Fulltext at
Vörös S. (2014) Author’s Response: Of Roses, Serpents, and Circles: Fleshing out the Bones of Contention. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 112–119. Fulltext at
Vörös S. (2014) The Autopoiesis of Peace: Embodiment, Compassion, and the Selfless Self. Poligrafi in press. Fulltext at
Vörös S. (2014) The Uroboros of Consciousness: Between the Naturalisation of Phenomenology and the Phenomenologisation of Nature. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 96–104. Fulltext at
Wallace R. (2014) Dynamic statistical models of biological cognition: Insights from communications theory. Connection Science 26(4): 415–439.
Wetzel R. & Dievernich F. E. P. (2014) Mind the gap: The relevance of postchange periods for organizational sensemaking. Systems Research and Behavioral Science 31: 280–300. Fulltext at
Whitenack J. W. (2014) A Case for Framing Our Research in a Radical Constructivist Tradition. Constructivist Foundations 9(3): 379–381. Fulltext at
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