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Kravchenko A. & Boiko S. (2014) What is happening to russian? linguistic change as an ecological process. Russian Journal of Communication, 6(5): 1–14.
Following the theme of an earlier discussion in the Russian Journal of Communication, the paper offers an alternative to the traditional approach to linguistic change based on the “living organism” metaphor. This metaphor is shown to be inadequate, and massive linguistic change is viewed in the framework of the biology of cognition as an ecological phenomenon, affecting both society and individuals as third-order and second-order living-systems. The driving force behind the changes occurring in Russian, it is suggested, is ecological in nature and consists in mingling semiotic values that serve as points of orientation in two different third-order living-systems with their specific cultures. As a result, one might speak of orientation to a different culture with a different system of values, along with rejection of traditional values, including the value of the Russian language. Relevance: Linguistic change is viewed in the framework of the biology of cognition
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