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Chiari G. (2008) How Questioning Reality Can Help Face Real Problems. Book review of: Jonathan D. Raskin & Sara K. Bridges (eds.) (2008) Studies in Meaning 3: Constructivist Psychotherapy in the Real World. Constructivist Foundations 4(1): 70–71. Fulltext at
Summary: Some of the most authoritative names from the constructivist community have been called on to contribute to this volume, coherent with the editors’ choice to start from a broad definition of psychological constructivism, and to maintain its various expressions and derivations… It seems clear that the editors strongly recommended the authors to include many examples and clinical cases to demonstrate with actual facts the applicability of the epistemological assumptions of constructivism to clinical practice. In my opinion, in addition to reaching this target, this work provides numerous suggestions to those clinicians already conscious of the efficacy of the therapeutic applications of constructivism.


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