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Richards J. & Glasersfeld E. von (1980) Jean Piaget, the psychologist of epistemology: A Discussion of Rotman' s “Jean Piaget: Psychologist of the Real”. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 11(1): 29–36. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Piaget is not a realist, for each individual constructs his own reality. In contrast with the title of Rotman’s book, Piaget is not a psychologist of the real but of the concept of the real. What he has studied for almost 70 years is not reality but the construction of reality. When he reports his findings, when he explicates his theory, however, he is compelled to use more or less ordinary language-and ordinary language is, of course, rife with the ontological implications of naive realism. Nevertheless, we believe that he has made his position quite clear. To Rotman’s assertion that he is a “psychologist of the real” he responds, “Je m“en fous de la realite."

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