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Glasersfeld E. von (2007) The logic of scientific fallibility. Chapter 11 in: Key works in radical constructivism (edited by Marie Larochelle). Sense Publishers, Rotterdam: 119–128. Fulltext at
Excerpt: From my perspective, there need not be a contest between religious faith and any scientific model – including the model of biological evolution that is perhaps the most comprehensive and successful one science has come up with. Any religious faith is a metaphysical attempt to pacify the soul. What science produces, in contrast, are rational constructs whose value resides in their applicability and usefulness. Believers may cling to what they are told or what they want to believe; scientific knowledge is of a different kind because it is tied to a method that involves experiential corroboration. Much of the fuel that keeps the controversy alive springs from the fact that many proponents of science cling to a conception of the scientific method that no longer seems tenable today.

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