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Foerster H. von (1962) Circuitry of Clues of Platonic Ideation. In: Muses C. A. (ed.) Aspects of the Theory of Artificial Intelligence. Plenum Press, New York: 43–82.
First of all, I wish to apologize for this somewhat pompous title, but I hope that at the end of my talk you will have forgiven me for having invoked Plato’s esoteric ideas in order to embellish the thoughts behind a few mundane gadgets. Perhaps you will grant me extenuating circumstances if I am going to make a confession at once, namely, that I believe the time has come when one may conceive of a happy marriage between philosophy and hardware. Since most of the functions of the hardware I am going to discuss in their concepts date back to the famous Dialogues, I felt obliged to give the proper reference.
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