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Foerster H. von (1967) Computation in neural nets. Currents in Modern Biology 1: 47–93.
A mathematical apparatus is developed that deals with networks of elements which are connected to each other by well defined connection rules and which perform well defined operations on their inputs. The output of these elements either is transmitted to other elements in the network or – should they be terminal elements – represents the outcome of the computation of the network. The discussion is confined to such rules of connection between elements and their operational modalities as they appear to have anatomical and physiological counter parts in neural tissue. The great latitude given today in the interpretation of nervous activity with regard to what constitutes the “signal” is accounted for by giving the mathematical apparatus the necessary and sufficient latitude to cope with various interpretations. Special attention is given to a mathematical formulation of structural and functional properties of networks that compute invariants in the distribution of their stimuli.
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