Publication 1994

Detours V., Bersini H., Stewart J. & Varela F. J. (1994) Development of idiotypic network in shape space. Journal of Theoretical Biology 170: 401–414.
Based upon the shape-space formalism, a model of an idiotypic network including both bound and free immunoglobulins is simulated. Our point of interest is the network development in the context of self antigens. The investigations are organized around simulations initiated by various spatial configurations of antigens; the behavior of the system with respect to antigens is analyzed in terms of morphogenetic processes occurring in the shape space. For certain values of the parameters, the network expands by traveling waves. The resulting spatial pattern is a partition of the shape space into zones where introduction of an antigen entails an infinite growth of the clones binding to it, and into zones where, on the contrary, the anti-antigen idiotypes decrease. Among the parameter combinations tested, some produce a partition that remains static whereas others produce a partition that changes in time. For other values of the parameters, the patterns generated do not partition shape space into zones; in these cases, it is observed that the system systematically explodes when an antigen is present.
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