Publication 2007

Le Van Quyen M., Martinerie J., Adam C., Lachaux J.-P., Baulac M., Renault B. & Varela F. J. (1997) Temporal patterns in human epileptic activity are modulated by perceptual discriminations. Neuroreport 8: 1703–1710.
We studied subdural recordings from a patient with an unusually focal and stable occipito-temporal epileptic discharge under four experimental conditions. The series of time intervals between successive spike discharges displayed a few (3–5) clusters of periodic values representing statistically significant short-term periodicities when tested against surrogate data. This short-term predictability was modulated during the different experimental conditions by periodicity shifts of the order of 15–30 ms. Correspondingly, there was an increased gamma-band (30–70 Hz) coherence between the epileptic focus and surrounding recording sites. We conclude that the focal epileptic activity is part of an extended network of neural activities which exert a fast modulation reflected in changes of transiently periodic activities.
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