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Palacios A., Varela F. J., Srivastava R. & Goldsmith T. (1998) Spectral sensitivity of cones of Carassius auratus. Vision Research 38: 2135–2146.
The spectral sensitivities of retinal cones isolated from goldfish (Carassius auratus) retinas were measured in the range 277–737 nm by recording membrane photocurrents with suction pipette electrodes (SPE). Cones were identified with lmax (9S.D.) at 62396.9 nm, 53794.7 nm, 44797.7 nm, and about 356 nm (three cells). Two cells (lmax 572 and 576 nm) possibly represent genetic polymorphism. A single A2 template fits the a-band of P4472, P5372, and P6232. HPLC analysis showed 4% retinal:96% 3-dehydroretinal. Sensitivity at 280 nm is nearly half that at the lmax in the visible. The lmax of the b-band (in nm) is a linear function of the lmax of the a-band and follows the same relation as found for A1-based cone pigments of a cyprinid fish.
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