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Le van Quyen M., Martinerie. J., Adam C. & Varela F. J. (1999) Nonlinear analyses of interictal EEG map the brain interdependences in human focal epilepsy. Physica D 127: 250–266.
The degree of interdependence between intracranial electroencephalographic (EEG) channels was investigated in epileptic patients with temporal lobe seizures during interictal (between seizures) periods.With a novelmethod to characterize nonlinear cross-predictability, that is, the predictability of one channel using another channel as data base, we demonstrated here a possibility to extract information on the spatio-temporal organization of interactions between multichannel recording sites. This method determines whether two channels contain common activity, and often, whether one channel contains activity induced by the activity of the other channel. In particular, the technique and the comparison with surrogate data demonstrated that transient large-scale nonlinear entrainments by the epileptogenic region can be identified, this with or without epileptic activity. Furthermore, these recurrent activities related with the epileptic foci occurred in well-defined spatio-temporal patterns. This suggests that the epileptogenic region can exhibit very subtle influences on other brain regions during an interictal period and raises the possibility that the cross-predictability analysis of interictal data may be used as a significant aid in locating epileptogenic foci.
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