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Depraz N., Varela F. J. & Vermersch P. (2000) The gesture of awareness: An account of its structural dynamics. In: Velmans M. (ed.) Investigating phenomenal consciousness. Benjamin Publishers, Amsterdam: 121–136. Fulltext at
This article proposes a description of the structural dynamics of the act of becoming aware based on the phenomenological method of épochè (or reduction), but also incorporating observations from psychological and contemplative sources. We propose as the core of this specific act an initial phase of suspension of habitual thought and judgement, followed by a phase of conversion of attention from “the exterior” to “the interior,” ending with a phase of letting-go or of receptivity towards the experience.
Also in: Kühn R. & Staudigl M. (eds.) Epoché und Reduktion. Karl Alber Verlag., Also in: Etudes Philosophiques

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