Publication 2109

Steffe L. P. & Thompson P. W. (2000) Interaction or intersubjectivity? A reply to Lerman. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 31(2): 191–209. Fulltext at
Lerman, in his challenge to radical constructivism, presented Vygotsky as an irreconcilable opponent to Piaget’s genetic epistemology and thus to von Glasersfeld’s radical constructivism. We argue that Lerman’s stance does not reflect von Glasersfeld’s opinion of Vygotsky’s work, nor does it reflect Vygotsky’s opinion of Piaget’s work. We question Lerman’s interpretation of radical constructivism and explain how the ideas of interaction, intersubjectivity, and social goals make sense in it. We then establish compatibility between the analytic units in Vygotsky’s and von Glasersfeld’s models and contrast them with Lerman’s analytic unit. Consequently, we question Lerman’s interpretation of Vygotsky. Finally, we question Lerman’s use of Vygotsky’s work in mathematics education, and we contrast that use with how we use von Glasersfeld’s radical constructivism.

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