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Kynigos C. (2015) Designing Constructionist E-Books: New Mediations for Creative Mathematical Thinking? Constructivist Foundations 10(3): 305–313. Fulltext at
Context: The article discusses design strategies for infusing constructionism and creativity into widely recognised media such as e-books. Problem: E-books have recently included constructionist widgets but we do not yet have creative designs for readers who may want to both read and tinker with an e-book. Method: The generation and study of a community of interest collaboratively designing e-books, with a strong constructionist element. Results: Some first examples of social creativity in the collaborative design process are discussed in the article, showing the complexity of fusing reading with constructionism and the importance of the designers’ own ability to exchange widgets meant for the book and at the same time use them as boundary objects to communicate with each other. Implications: Social creativity in such design processes is considered as key for spreading and democratizing design for constructionism and creativity.


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