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Gash H. (1974) The constructivist epistemology in John Dewey, Jean Piaget, and Cognitive developmental psychology. In: Smock C. D. & Glasersfeld E. von (eds.) Epistemology and education. Follow Through Publications, Athens GA: 27–44. Fulltext at
There are a number of important similarities in John Dewey’s and Jean Piaget’s epistemologies. These include their emphasis on cognitive process, their grounding concepts in opertions and their implicit radical epistemology. Dewey’s constructivism is presented in the context of Bridgman’s operationalism each presented as deeper and very different from the operational definition of the contemporary psychology. The paper proposes a consistently radical constructivism as a clarification of views held in the mainstream psychology of the time. Relevance: Part of the collection edited by Ernst von Glasersfeld and Charles Smock in 1974 to launch Radical Constructivism.

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