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Gasparyan D. (2015) Transcendentalism Guarding Constructivism: The PL-Metaphysics of Hegel and Naturalists. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 169–172. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Towards a PL-Metaphysics of Perception: In Search of the Metaphysical Roots of Constructivism” by Konrad Werner. Upshot: I expand the notion of PL-metaphysics by introducing the approach of Hegel, who I regard as the chief PL-metaphysician. Also, I propose another substantiation of the division of metaphysics, namely, the criterion of the transparency/opacity of system settings, which I consider the most symptomatic for the differentiation of epistemologies, and believe plays the key role in understanding the status of constructivism itself. By applying this criterion, we can differentiate transcendentalism and naturalism as two substantial epistemological meta-programs and show that constructivism will still remain a part of the transcendental program, even when there is an orientation towards PL-metaphysics, while Hegel’s version of PL-metaphysics will be considered a part of naturalism.


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