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Gapenne O. (2010) Kinesthesia and the construction of perceptual objects. In: Stewart J., Gapenne O. & Di Paolo E. A. (eds.) Enaction: Toward a new paradigm for cognitive science. MIT Press, Cambridge MA: 183–218.
Excerpt: Inspired by the constructivist project of Piaget as presented in Construction du réel chez l’enfant (937), the aim of this chapter is to study the microand ontogenetic processes involved in the phenomenological constitution of space and perceived objects in humans. We shall not attempt to revisit the totality of Piaget’s project, but rather reexamine the initial structural and functional conditions with a view to reformulating the process of the construction of spatialized objects of perception. Our goal is to lend support to a radical constructivist thesis that holds, first, that the point of departure for an experience of the world is the lived body, and second, that the constitution of perceived objects is both constrained and made possible by the repertoire of actions available to the subject.
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