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Glasersfeld E. von (2008) Key works in radical constructivism. Edited by M. Larochelle. Sense Publishers, Rotterdam.
A collection of essays about fundamental issues in radical constructivism from 1974 to 2002 with contributions by Marie Larochelle, Edith Ackermann, Gérard Fourez, Jacques Désautels, Leslie Steffe, and Kenneth Tobin
  1. Glasersfeld E. von (1974) Signs, communication, and language
  2. Glasersfeld E. von (1974) Piaget and the radical constructivist epistemology
  3. Glasersfeld E. von (1983) On the concept of interpretation
  4. Glasersfeld E. von (1983) Learning as a constructive activity
  5. Glasersfeld E. von (1985) Reconstructing the concept of knowledge
  6. Glasersfeld E. von (1985) Representation and deduction
  7. Glasersfeld E. von (1985) Il complesso di semplicità.1
  8. Glasersfeld E. von (1988) La lógica de la falibilidad científica
  9. Glasersfeld E. von (1989) Facts and the self from a constructivist point of view
  10. Glasersfeld E. von (1991) Abstraction, re-presentation, and reflection
  11. Glasersfeld E. von (1992) Aspetti del costruttivismo: Vico, Berkeley, Jean Piaget
  12. Glasersfeld E. von (1992) A constructivist approach to experiential foundations of mathematical concepts
  13. Glasersfeld E. von (1992) Das Ende einer grossen Illusion [The end of a grand illusion]
  14. Glasersfeld E. von (1993) Notes on the concept of change
  15. Glasersfeld E. von (1996) Farewell to objectivity
  16. Glasersfeld E. von (1997) The incommensurability of scientific and poetic knowledge
  17. Glasersfeld E. von (1998) Anticipation in the constructivist theory of cognition
  18. Glasersfeld E. von (1999) How do we mean? A constructivist sketch of semantics (Special issue "Radical Constructivism in education" edited by Marie Larochelle)
  19. Glasersfeld E. von (2001) Universalien als Konstruktion
  20. Glasersfeld E. von (2001) The radical constructivist view of science
  21. Glasersfeld E. von (2002) Was heisst Lernen aus konstruktivistischer Sicht?
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