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Rüting T. (2004) Jakob von Uexküll – Theoretical biology, biocybernetics and biosemiotics. European Communications in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology 6: 11–16. Fulltext at
Abstract: Excerpt: The biologist Jakob von Uexküll (1864–1944) developed a theory of biology, which decisively contradicted the mainstream of biological thought in the 20th century. His main concepts summarized in his Theoretische Biologie (1920/ 1928) aimed at the re-introduction of the autonomous organism as subject into the focus of the life-sciences and at the same time, at making subjectivity the object of the scientific method. Uexküll was interpreted as vitalist, antievolutionist and mystic (Goldschmidt 1956). But scholars in different scientific and artistic fields like psychology, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, architecture and literature, recognized the significance of his challenge.


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