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Foerster H. von, Müller A. & Müller K. H. (2011) Heinz von Foerster on Heinz von Foerster: Experiences, Heuristics, Plans, Futures. Cybernetics & Human Knowing 18(3–4): 73–93. Fulltext at
This interview was held in April 1997 in Heinz von Foerster’s home in Pescadero. In this interview, questions by Albert and Karl H. Müller are marked in italics. The German version has been published as Foerster H.v. (1997). Der Anfang von Himmel und Erde hat keinen Namen. Eine Selbsterschaffung in sieben Tagen (A. Müller and K. H. Müller, Eds.). Vienna: DöckerVerlag. The English translation has been prepared by Michael Kasenbacher and Elinor Rooks. It will be

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