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Pordeus V., Ramos G. C., Carvalho C. R., Castro Jr. A. B., Cunha A. P. & Vaz N. M. (2009) Immunopathology and oligoclonal T cell expansions. Observations in immunodeficiency, infections, allergy and autoimmune diseases. Current Trends in Immunology 10: 21–29. Fulltext at
In traditional descriptions immunological activity is neither systemic nor historical and is never “physiological.” Since it is dominated by reductionist, teleological and cognitivist approaches. After deconstructing hegemonic immunology way of seeing, we proposed previously a constructivist explanation to immunological physiology, namely, The Conservative Physiology of the Immune System (Vaz NM Clin Dev Immunol 2006), theory based on our own experimental evidences and referenced on Humberto Maturana’s Biology of Cognition. In this paper we propose an immanent mechanism for immunological pathophysiology and disease development.


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