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Fosnot C. T. (2005) Constructivism revisited. Implications and reflections. In: Fosnot C. T. (ed.) Constructivism: Theory, perspectives, and practice. Second edition. Teachers College Press, New York: 276–291. Fulltext at
Excerpt: Most contemporary neurobiologists and cognitive scientists agree: knowledge is actively constructed. The implications of constructivism for education, however, remain controversial. In the last ten years schools have been engaged in a flurry of reform initiatives encompassing new curricula, new forms of assessment, new standards, and professional development. But various interpretations of constructivism abound, often equating it with “hands-on“ learning, discovery, and a host of pedagogical strategies. Resulting confusion and misinterpretation has resulted in public attacks by the media, by parents, and even at times various groups in the academic community. Thus it seems appropriate in this speech, to reflect on the biological and cognitive science evidence and to provide further implications for an application of the theory to education.



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