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Riegler A. & Weber S. (2010) Die Dritte Philosophie. Kritische Beiträge zu Josef Mitterers Non-Dualismus [The third philosophy. Critical constributions to Josef Mitterer’s non-dualism]. Velbrück Wissenschaft, Weilerswist.
In two books the Austrian philosopher Josef Mitterer has developed a non-dualistic alternative to both realistic and idealistic positions. It dispenses with the categorical distinction between description and reality beyond description. In “The Third Philosophy,” scientists from the fields of philosophy, psychology, sociology, art history, media and communication studies and political science explore the potential of Mitterer’s criticism of dualistic thinking for key issues and open questions. The anthology brings together established names such as Volker Gadenne, Ernst von Glasersfeld, Walter Grasnick, Adolf Holl, Peter Janich, Konrad Paul Liessmann, Siegfried J. Schmidt, Peter Strasser and Peter Weibel and a young generation of scientists. These authors address issues such as the relation of non-duality to (radical) constructivism and its compatibility with the actor-network theory of Bruno Latour. The book is based on the special issue of Constructivist Foundations 3(3) dedicated to the work of Josef Mitterer.
Key words: Non-dualism, Mitterer
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