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Kelly G. A. (1970) A brief introduction to personal construct psychology. In: Bannister D. (ed.) Perspectives in personal construct psychology. Academic Press, London: 1–30.
Who can say what nature is? Is it what now exists about us, including all the tiny hidden things that wait so patiently to be discovered? Or is it the vista of all that is destined to occur, whether tomorrow or in some distant eon of time? Or is nature infinitely more varied than this, the myriad trains of events that might ensue if we were to be so bold, ingenious, and irreverent as to take a hand in its management? Personal construct theory is a notion about how man may launch out from a position of admitted ignorance, and how he may aspire from one day to the next to transcend his own dogmatisms. It is, then, a theory of man’s personal inquiry – a psychology of human quest. It does not say what has been or will be found, but proposes rather how we might go about looking for it.
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