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Richards J. (2016) Negotiating the Classroom. Constructivist Foundations 12(1): 78–78. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Negotiating Between Learner and Mathematics: A Conceptual Framework to Analyze Teacher Sensitivity Toward Constructivism in a Mathematics Classroom” by Philip Borg, Dave Hewitt & Ian Jones. Upshot: Borg et al. argue that there is a Mathematics-Negotiation-Learner (M-N-L) structure that can be used as a conceptual framework in order to evaluate the application of radical constructivism in teaching. This structure assumes a coherent consensual domain that is the mathematics being negotiated. However, there are at least four different consensual domains that make up mathematics. The mathematics that is the consensual domain in an RC classroom has distinct features that are designed to support the student’s construction of mathematics.


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