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Kravchenko A. (2013) What’s in a presidential address from the point of view of the biology of cognition?. Russian Journal of Communication. 5(3): 286–288. Fulltext at
Excerpt: The text network analysis methodology Dmitry Paranyushkin applies in his comparative analysis of Medvedev’s and Putin’s annual addresses to the Federal Assembly is an interesting attempt to identify and visualize a conceptual network that lies at the basis of a particular text, such as a presidential address in this case. Because the human brain thinks in language (Maturana, Mpodozis, & Letelier, 1995), this methodology, with its concept of “betweenness centrality” as a measure used to identify the keywords (which are not necessarily the most frequent words), may help to better understand the ways we think – including Russian (or American) president.

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