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Misheva V. (2002) Autopoietic systems and their poietic counterparts. International Review of Sociology 12(2): 201–221. Fulltext at
Excerpt: I wish to argue that the term ‘allopoiesis’ in principle does not seem to be appropriate for further theoretical exploration into what lies beyond the field of autopoietic systems. Neither can ‘allopoiesis’ be considered ‘the other’ of autopoiesis. The allopoietic system is at best ‘another’ system, but it is not ‘the other’ of the autopoietic system. When described as ‘another’, the allopoietic system has no more than an analogical relationship with the autopoietic system. In order for the allopoietic system to be conceived as ‘the other’ of the autopoietic system, the existence of an evolutionary link between the two systems must be assumed. What is further necessary for explaining such a link is a corresponding systems philosophy that considers the dialectical relation-ships between the two.

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