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Gil-Pérez D., Guisasola J., Moreno A., Cachapuz A., De Carvalho A. M. P., Torregrosa J. M., Salinas J., Valdés P., González E., Duch A. G. & Dumas-Carré A. (2002) Defending constructivism in science education. Science & Education 11(6): 557–571. Fulltext at
After an impressive development throughout the last two decades, supported by a greatamount of research and innovation, science education seemed to be becoming a newscientific domain. This transformation of Science Education into a specific field of researchand knowledge is usually associated with the establishment of what has been called an‘emergent consensus’ about constructivist positions. However, some voices have begunto question these constructivist positions and therefore the idea of an advancementtowards a coherent body of knowledge in the field of science education. The goalof this work is to analyse some of the current criticisms of the so-called constructivistorientations and to study their implications for the development of science education asa coherent body of knowledge.

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