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Depraz N., Gyemant M. & Desmidt T. (2017) Author’s Response: Situating Generative First-Person Analysis within Neuro-, Micro-, Cardio- and Transcendental Phenomenology Natalie Depraz at al. Constructivist Foundations 12(2): 214–218. Fulltext at
Upshot: Thanks to the commentaries we have been able to further clarify the situation of generative first-person analysis in the general framework of neurophenomenology and more specifically of cardio-phenomenology as its extension and reformulation. We have also provided more detailed information about the way phenomenology as transcendental philosophy is genuinely operating as a practice in cardio-phenomenology and has a central function regarding the creation of categories and their suspensive questioning thanks to the epoché method. We have also drawn great benefits from the questions about how micro-phenomenology allows a refinement of descriptive categories and the way new categories are generated, and we have been able to provide some answers about different scales of newness in the generative process.


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