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Varela F. J. (1979) A tesselation example of autopoiesis. Chapter 3 in: Principles of biological autonomy. Elsevier North Holland, New York: 19–23.
Excerpt: I wish to present at this point a simple model that displays the autopoietic organization. This model is presented in an imaginary, two-dimensional space of components, in the manner of tesselation automata (Burks, 1970). As will be obvious, the model is inspired in the kind of chemical productions existing in a living cell; in fact, the model can be taken as a simplification of such productions. This model is significant in two respects: On the one hand, it permits the observation of the autopoietic organization at work in a system simpler than any known living system, as well as its spontaneous generation from components; on the other hand, it may permit the development of formal tools for the analysis and synthesis of autopoietic systems.
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