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Collins H. M. (2009) The new orthodoxy: Humans, animals, Heidegger and Dreyfus. In: Leidlmair K. (ed.) After cognitivism: A reassessment of cognitive science and philosophy. Springer, Dordrecht: 75–85. Fulltext at
I cannot imagine a better introduction to the mainstream philosophical debate about artificial intelligence than that provided by Hubert Dreyfus in this volume […] Dreyfus, as he explains, is now to be included within the mainstream, a position he has achieved after a notoriously unjustified delay of many decades, and by a process which is, to some extent, described in the paper itself (AI students attending his MIT seminar and so forth). Dreyfus by pulling things together so clearly, has actually made it easier to see what is still wrong even now that he and Heidegger have been grasped to the bosom of AI. What is missing is not, however, what Dreyfus says it is – more of his type of Heidegger. What is missing is any understanding of the distinction between humans and animals.

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