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Canaparo C. (2009) Geo-epistemology. Latin America and the location of knowledge. Peter Lang, Bern.
This is the first full length monograph dedicated to the question of epistemology from a peripheral perspective. It explores all the consequences of science as defined by mainstream theories and the impact it has in peripheral areas of the planet in terms of knowledge, learning, and understanding. The book assumes, among other aspects, (i) that space and not time is the relevant realm to discuss in terms of knowledge, (ii) that any knowledge is a local construction, (iii) that all concepts have a meaning issue as well as questions of historiography, and (iv) that there are no pre-conceptions in terms of knowledge but all theories are part of a negotiation with the immediate environment. The book also develops and tries to take forward Maturana’s notion of “deriva” and “lenguajeando.”
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