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Nascimento L. M. & Myin E. (2017) No Strength from Weakness. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 126–128. Fulltext at
Open peer commentary on the article “Missing Colors: The Enactivist Approach to Perception” by Adrián G. Palacios, María-José Escobar & Esteban Céspedes. Upshot: This commentary questions the target article’s claim that enactivism and representationalism, even in an allegedly weak form, are compatible. We argue that, for a viable enactivism, it is the notion of contentless interaction that must be turned to in order to account for basic cognition, including basic color perception. Enactivism so construed can provide all the benefits the authors want: it can question exaggerated forms of objectivism, without incurring the costs that holding on to contentful representation as a naturalistically unexplained ingredient in basic cognition implies.


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