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Schopman J. (1989) Review of Der Baum der Erkenntnis [Review of The Tree of Knowledge]. Journal for General Philosophy of Science 20(1): 166–169. Fulltext at
Excerpt: This book, a German translation of ‘El árbol del conocimiento’ (1984), is remarkable in two respects. First, its format draws attention. Apparently great care has been taken of the layout of the text and of the illustrations. The content is even more special. Already the table of content, and especially its flow-diagram (cfr. p. 18), highlights the ambition of the two Chilean authors. The system biologists want to formulate a coherent world view which is based on their scientific work and which has been widely published. In this book they use their insight to present an explanation of the most crucial phenomena of our existence thereby stressing their biological foundation.

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