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Tobias S. (2009) An eclectic appraisal of the success or failure of constructivist instruction. In: Tobias S. & Duffy T. (eds.) Constructivist instruction: Success or failure?. Routledge, New York:: 335–350.
Excerpt: The purpose of this chapter is to comment on some of the themes sounded in the volume from an eclectic perspective, that is, rather than being either a critic or a supporter of constructivist approaches, I want to endorse, whenever possible, practices supported by research results. As suggested while commenting on a similar controversy between constructivists and advocates of instructional systems design, it is important that controversies generate research so that data, rather than stirring rhetoric, may be brought to bear to clarify issues that are in dispute. A further purpose of this chapter was to evaluate the different positions from the perspective of a number of issues of importance to the controversy. Finally, specific suggestions for further research are made throughout the chapter.
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