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Wiedermann J. (2005) Globular universe and autopoietic automata: A framework for artificial life. In: Capcarrère M. S., Freitas A. A., Bentley P. J., Johnson C. G. & Timmis J. (eds.) Advances in Artificial Life. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3630. Springer, Berlin: 21–30. Fulltext at
We present two original computational models – globular universe and autopoietic automata – capturing the basic aspects of an evolution: a construction of self–reproducing automata by self–assembly and a transfer of algorithmically modified genetic information over generations. Within this framework we show implementation of autopoietic automata in a globular universe. Further, we characterize the computational power of lineages of autopoietic automata via interactive Turing machines and show an unbounded complexity growth of a computational power of automata during the evolution. Finally, we define the problem of sustainable evolution and show its undecidability.


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