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Peschl M. F. (1992) Construction, representation, and the embodiment of knowledge, meaning, and symbols in neural structures: Towards an alternative understanding of knowledge representation and philosophy of science. Connection Science 4(3–4): 327–338.
In this paper an alternative concept and understanding of knowledge representation in neural networks is presented. It is based on the assumption that (natural or artificial) neural structures are responsible for the generation of an organism’s behavior which is in interaction with its environment. This requires a completely new interpretation of neural systems as knowledge representing devices. The concepts of constructivism second-order cybernetics, embodiment of knowledge and functional fitness play an important role in this context. The idea of an structural isomorphism between the environment and representing structures will be given up in favor of a more sophisticated epistemological concept and constructive relation. As an implication knowledge becomes system relative and ‘private’ – an alternative understanding of language, symbols, communication, etc., which is based on these epistemological and neuroscientific ideas will be discussed.
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