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Varela F. J. & Thompson E. (2003) Neural synchrony and the unity of mind: A neurophenomenological perspective. In: Cleeremans A. (ed.) The unity of consciousness: Binding, integration and dissociation. Oxford University Press, New York: 266–287. Fulltext at
Excerpt: In this paper, we wish to present a fresh approach to research on neural synchrony and the unity of mind and consciousness through a consideration of the place of mind in the network of natural causality. In particular, beyond the mechanisms of neural synchrony, we wish to consider the issue of the causal efficacy of consciousness – that aspect of consciousness in virtue of which we human beings (and other animals) qualify as conscious agents. Our approach will be to reconsider neural synchrony and consciousness within the context of two key concepts – emergence (or emergent processes) and embodiment.


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