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Ribeiro E., Feixas G., Maia A., Senra J. & Dada G. (2012) Implicative dilemmas, psychopathology and self construction: Changes during the first year in University. Journal of Constructivist Psychology 25: 170–180.
This article studies the levels of psychological symptoms, problem-solving skills and self-construction in 28 freshmen, as assessed at the beginning and end of their first year at university. The repertory grid technique was used to assess self-ideal discrepancy, cognitive differentiation, and existence of implicative dilemmas. Results showed an improvement in psychological symptoms and self-ideal discrepancy, an increase in differentiation, but no significant differences in problem-solving skills. One or more implicative dilemmas were found in over half of the sample at the initial assessment and only in one-third at the final one, although this difference was not significant. Psychological symptoms at the end of the first year were predicted only by the initial reported symptoms. However, problem-solving skills at the end were predicted by a model including both initial skills and implicative dilemmas at the beginning of the year.
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