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Pörksen B. (2007) Sichtbare und unsichtbare Kontingenz: Zum Verhältnis von konstruktivistischer Kommunikationstheorie und Kommunikationspraxis. SPIEL (Siegener Periodicum zur Internationalen Empirischen Literaturwissenschaft) 26(1): 167–178. Fulltext at
This essay deals with question how we can understand and model the relationship between (constructivist) theory and the practical usage of this theory in a wide ranging and steadily growing field (coaching, education, public relations, journalism etc.). How is it possible to use and apply a communication theory which wants to offer a complex and non-trivial understanding of communication? How can one meet the challenge of a (necessary) reduction of complexity in the act of practical usage – that nonetheless preserves complexity and a notion of fundamental contingency? The upshot is all in all: constructivist communication theory lacks immediate prescription-like relevance for any kind of practice – but it can help and inspire, if applied with sensitivity and with an openness to surprise, to create informing irritations: these are not only differences that make a difference, but differences and effects that at least correspond in a functional way with the goals one wants to achieve.


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