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Hoffjann O. (2017) Die Wahrheitsspieler. Strategische Kommunikation als Spiel [The truth players: Strategic communication as a game]. In: C. K. & K. K. S. M. J. N. (eds.) Realism – relativism – constructivism. Proceedings of the 38th International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg. De Gruyter, Berlin: 59–72.
Strategic communication plays are in ‘between’ and their messages have a paradox character. The paper identifies these paradoxes using the example of truth. On the one hand, a basic doubt in the possibilities of recognizing and in absolute concepts such as truth is a condition for entering a strategic communication play. On the other hand, truth is implicitly or explicitly alleged in these situations. And, finally, strategic communication plays can – despite the ‘great doubt’ – have in medium term at least such an effect that descriptions are recognized as truth. The paper describes the epistemological questions from a non-dualistic perspective (Mitterer 1992, 2001). Thereto, the concept of the strategic communication play is developed with the help of the play term used by Bateson (1956, 1985) and of the frame analysis (Goffman 1980).
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