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Maturana H. R. (1970) Neurophysiology of cognition. In: Garvin P. (ed.) Cognition: A multiple view. Spartan Books, New York: 3–23. Fulltext at
Whether stated or not, the fundamental quest of neurophysiology is to understand the processes that determine the so-called higher functions in the brain. The present work is an explicit attempt in that direction. Whatever success I have in this endeavor I owe to the enriching discussions I had with my friend Heinz Von Foerster and my student Francisco Varela.
Reprinted in: Foerster H von. (ed.) (1971) Interpersonal relational networks. CIDOC Cuaderno No. 1014. Centro Intercultural de Documentacion (C IDOC), Cuernavaca (Mexico): 3/1-3/21. Reprinted in: Foerster H. von (ed.) (1974) Cybernetics of cybernetics. Biological Computer Lab (BCL) Report 73.38. University of Illinois, Urbana: 112–122. Reprinted in: Foerster H. von (ed.) (1995) Cybernetics of cybernetics. Second Edition. Future Systems, Minneapolis: 112–122. Spanish translation “Neurociencia y cognición: Biología de lo psíquico” in Maturana H. R. (1996) La realidad: ¿objetiva o construida? II: Fundamentos biológicos de la conocimiento: 208–225

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