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Canaparo C. (2012) Migration and radical constructivist epistemology. Crossings Journal of Migration and Culture 3(2): 181–200. Fulltext at
This article aims to explore the philosophical basis of classical radical constructivism (Piaget, Glasersfeld, Maturana) in the light of migration issues, with a general interest in the issue of housing theory (space) and the recent generated debate about constructivism therein. Thus, the article investigates three aspects of constructivism. First, the sense of ‘realm’ and, therefore, the notion of reality and realism in relation to both a physical world and a notion of knowledge or, more specifically, to what isknowledgeable; second, the problem of the so-called theory-laden issue, that is, the operational basis of theories; and finally, naturalism or, more specifically, the fact that there is a domain of actual things, a form of present, which always acquires a status in relation to government and/or State’s and corporate authorities. What interest us in this context is to propose a conceptual alternative with which to think through the notion of migration considered, in the context of humanities and social sciences, where a relativist sense of knowledge has been pushed to the extreme. We will also explore the consequences of the interactions between migration considered as a physical domain and as a conceptual domain.

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