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Cyzman M. (2016) Po “tamtej stronie” interpretacji: Koncepcja interpretacji Ernsta von Glasersfelda i Josefa Mitterera [On the “other side” of interpretation: The interpretation concept of Ernst von Glasersfeld and Josef Mitterer]. Litteraria Copernicana 3(19): 73–86. Fulltext at
The paper presents the radical constructivist conception of interpretation formulated by Ernst von Glasersfeld in comparison to the non-dualizing model of interpretation by Josef Mitterer. In the light of non-dualism the non-essentialist conception of Glasersfeld seems to be still text-centred. It actualizes dualizing thinking as it is founded on the distinction between text and interpretation, while in Mitterer’s conception there is only interpretation “so far” which is changed to interpretation “from now on”.


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